Riverlily Working Dogs

Some exciting news for all our Spaniel owners at Riverlily.


Alastair Carmichael is coming back to Riverlily to run four Spaniel Workshops over the summer months. Alastair has trained his ESS to a very high level and has won both novice and open level Spaniel Tests. He also goes out on shoots in the winter with his spaniel too.


Come and join us for Novice and Advanced stand alone sessions that focus on hunting, retrieving and stop whistle training themes and scenarios.


Book early as places are limited.

Please note that once booked the training fee is payable if you have to cancel unless we have a waiting list. Thanks for your understanding.


Spaniel Workshops

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Riverlily Working Dogs – Gundog and Handler in Partnership

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Spaniel Workshops


Saturday 2nd Nov


9.00 - 10.00 Level 1



10.30 - 12.00 Level 2/3




Please book via the booking form


Novice Working Gundog

Novice Masters

Riverlily Working Dogs