Training out on the estate using cold game. We will be simulating walked up scenarios and drive scenarios. Come and join us and get your dog ready for the fast approaching shooting season.


Dogs should be steady to shot and have reliable recall.

Cold Game Training Days

Cold Game Training

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Riverlily Working Dogs

Cold Game Workshop



Monday 25th November - Near Kimpton

10.00 - 11.30 - L1/ 2/ 3




Tuesday 3rd December - Near Lemsford

1.30 - 3.00 - L1/ 2/ 3




Saturday 21st December - Near Kimpton

10.00 - 11.30 - L2/3




A cold game session aimed at all levels from total beginner through to advanced shooting field dogs.


For those dogs who are already proficient at picking game we will set up scenarios you are likely to find on a shoot day.



Novice Working Gundog

Novice Masters

Riverlily Working Dog



Riverlily Working Dogs – Gundog and Handler in Partnership

* Required